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Welcome to TECHNOBIOPHILIA.COM a brand new website about nature, technology and wellbeing in the digital age.

Welcome to my new website. It’s about finding ways to feel better without logging off. Most of us strive to achieve a good work/life balance. But today many want something else too  – a tech/nature balance. You can start by grabbing the floating box and subscribing to updates in return for a free download ‘9 Ways To Soothe Your […]


9 Ways To Soothe Your Connected Life


The research behind this website: “Technobiophilia: Nature and Cyberspace”

Around 2004, I began researching a new book. I hoped to find out whether my hunch that much of the language of cyberspace drew from nature metaphors was correct and then, if I was right, to explain why. It would be nine years before the book was published, and most of that was spent in frustrated […]


Plants in the Office, Beyond Well-Being | Officing Today

Source: Plants in the Office, Beyond Well-Being | Business Center and Serviced Office News, Tips, and Articles | Officing Today Talk around plants in office space is not new. Biophilic design approaches have been around for a while and various studies, as well as stats have shown that it’s beneficial to have green life around […]


Floating Air Bonsai elevates an ancient art form to a whole new level | Inhabitat

Air Bonsai is a new line of floating bonsai sculptures from Hoshinchu, a small company based in Kyushu, Japan. The team launched its crowdfunding campaign just a few days ago, and it has blown… Source: Floating Air Bonsai elevates an ancient art form to a whole new level | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, […]


Changing a landscape with the power of your mind is hugely relaxing

Looking over the landscape I could see an old tree standing frozen and seemingly dead, its branches coated with icy rime. Around it, mossy grass and small rocks lay beneath a coating of snow and in the distance glistening waterfalls tumbled down the sides of whitened mountains. It looked like the wilds of Ireland in […]


Viridi – a Video Game Where You Just Take Care of Succulents | Mental Floss UK

Mental Floss writes: In Viridi, a new video game, there are no attackers and no countdown clock. Instead, in a game that seems diametrically opposed to the anxiety inherent in most video games, the point is to tend to pretty desert plants. Viridi’s premise is simple: Help your succulents thrive. You pick from a handful […]


Last Child in the Woods

Richard Louv’s book “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-deficit Disorder” was first published in 2005 but still receives a lot of attention from concerned parents and education professionals. Louv identified a syndrome he calls ‘nature-deficit disorder’ which implies that people, especially children, who have little access to the natural world can exhibit […]


Joy for All Pets | Companion Pet

Source: Joy for All Pets | Companion Pet JOY FOR ALL Companion Pet cats are designed to bring comfort, companionship and fun for your elder loved ones. With realistic fur, purrs and meows – and sensors that respond to petting and hugs with familiar, cat-like actions – Companion Pets deliver a soothing, joyful experience that […]


Digital archaeology weekend is runaway success

The New Forest’s first Digi Arc weekend proved hugely popular, with hundreds of children and their families joining experts for a weekend of gaming and archaeology. More than 800 people attended the event to discover how researchers have used cutting edge technologies to bring the forgotten history of the New Forest to life. The weekend […]


10 Words Technology Borrowed from Nature, Orion Magazine

Excerpt from my piece in Orion Magazine, September/October 2015 10 Words Technology Borrowed from Nature 1. Ecosystem. The internet is often described as an ecosystem (or a sky, or a park, or a jungle), and many of its parts are named after the natural world. “Cyberspace,” says the technology historian Fred Turner, “is a frantic […]


3.1kW New Wind Turbine Looks Like a Tree

  Source: 3.1kW New Wind Turbine Looks Like a Tree Wind turbines that look like trees. What an innovative and clever idea. It’s not often we see technology that could change the world, though it is becoming more common as technologies advance and people share more information on new design and tech. This wind turbine […]


David Attenborough and producer dive deep into potential of VR | Media | The Guardian

TV veteran’s latest venture with pioneer Atlantic Productions for the Natural History Museum breaks new ground in storytelling I am sitting in the Natural History Museum and have just been lunged at by a giant swimming scorpion with glittering eyes. It’s so scary I instinctively duck and cower in my seat. These are the final […]


“It’s an alien life form”. David Bowie talking about the internet in 1999

JAN 21, 2016

‘Lo and behold, reveries of the connected world’ Trailer (2016) Werner Herzog Documentary

Source: LO AND BEHOLD, REVERIES OF THE CONNECTED WORLD Treiler (2016) Werner Herzog Documentary – YouTube Werner Herzog, presenting his new documentary Lo And Behold, Reveries Of The Connected World, which features this very Herzog-ian description: “Does the Internet dream of itself? Explore the horizons of the connected world.” Promises to be an intriguing follow-up […]


Nature, nerds, and technobiophilic maps

When I was in my twenties I regularly went walking in the Derbyshire Peak District with several friends who were keen on the outdoors. I, in contrast, was very inexperienced and went along for the company rather than the exercise, so it usually wasn’t long before I would become a little grumpy about the pace […]


Cyberparks will be intelligent spaces embedded with sensors and computers

Source: Cyberparks will be intelligent spaces embedded with sensors and computers Visit any urban park on a sunny day and you’ll see people relaxing with newspapers, books and, of course, phones and tablets. The digital has become part of our outdoor lives and that trend is set to continue. But there is another trend to […]


Blue mind charts our link with water, but what about Twitter streams and net surfing?

“Water makes you happier, more connected and better at what you do,” says Wallace J Nichols, a marine biologist and wild water advocate based at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. On 11-12 June 2014 he is sharing this philosophy with a small invited audience at the 4th Blue Mind Summit, held this […]


Webcam bird rescue shows how quickly our attraction to nature can turn sour

The proliferation of webcams streaming live feeds has brought wild animals directly onto our screens, sometimes from thousands of miles away. Watching on the web in real time, we can peer into nests, hover over watering-holes, and gaze into zoos. But when something bad happens – an intrinsic part of the wild nature we’re watching […]


‘Silicon beach’ has locals in a twist but who wants to be stuck in an office?

Source: ‘Silicon beach’ has locals in a twist but who wants to be stuck in an office? Wishful thinking., Giorgio Montersino, CC BY-SA We must all now be very familiar with complaints about how the hours we spend glued to our devices eat into family time and other meaningful relationships. Stories range from children who’d rather […]


Can a virtual reality game make you forget you’re in pain?

A couple of weeks from now I will be in hospital undergoing a knee replacement. It will be the most extreme surgery I’ve ever experienced and I’m pretty scared. I’ve been told that I can expect to endure excruciating pain afterwards but I won’t be allowed to lie in bed feeling sorry for myself. In […]


Talking to houseplants might make them happy, but one app calls for a deeper connection

How good are you at caring for your houseplants? Come to that, how good are you at caring for yourself? Symbio, a new app still currently in development, will connect your well-being to that of your plants and ensure that all of you thrive. The story of Symbio began in 2014 when I was invited […]


Mud pies and green spaces – why children do better when they can get outdoors

  Greg Mannion, University of Stirling The first warm weather here in the UK generally means a few things – the impending start of tennis at Wimbledon, school examination time, and the smell of cut grass. Inevitably, pupils and teachers start to wish they were outdoors and not stuck in a classroom. There is now […]


Why gardening is good for your mind as well as your body

  Carly Wood, University of Westminster More than half the planet’s population now live in cities, with limited access to the natural world. For Europe and Latin America, the figure is more than 70%. Yet contact with nature has numerous benefits for both our physical and mental health. Gardening is an opportunity for everyone to […]